Senior Online Resources

Online Resources to Help Communities Care for Aging and Elderly Members Living Alone

Seniors are part of our greatest generations, but they are also prone to some common problems, especially when they don’t live near loved ones. Many of these seniors suffer from feelings of isolation, while others can find it challenging to get around the community. That’s why it’s important for communities to recognize these challenges and provide help to older members, especially in the age of the coronavirus pandemic.

Wondering what your community can do to help seniors in your group? In addition to getting in contact with the Voluntary Action Center, you can begin with one of the wonderful ideas provided below for how to assist older adults in your area.

You Can Have Healthy Food and Meals Delivered

Meal Trains for Seniors in Need
Best Meal Delivery Services for Seniors
Amazon Prime Grocery Delivery Services
Find Local Meals on Wheels

You Can Help With Home Upkeep and Improvements

Home Modifications to Prevent Senior Injuries
Complete Home Maintenance Checklist
Home Repair Assistance for Seniors
Spring Yard and Lawn Cleanup Checklist

You Can Provide Safe Transportation Options

Safest Rideshare Services for Seniors
Find Local Senior Transportation Services
Research ADA and Para-Transportation

You Can Find Ways to Prevent Loneliness

Community Resources for Preventing Isolation
Fun Church Activities for Seniors
Best Hobbies for Senior Citizens

You Can Help with Finances

Home Sale Proceeds Calculator
Daily Money Management Programs for Seniors

Seniors in your community should never feel alone or isolated. So, reach out to those aging adults to see what steps you can take to ensure their needs are met as they grow older. Doing so will not only strengthen their connection to the community but can also provide you with some peace of mind knowing you are doing good.