At this time, Meals on Wheels of the Iowa Great Lakes IS still delivering meals Monday through Saturdays. We are modifying our delivery process to ensure that we are limiting contact with others.

Many of our volunteer drivers are in the “health compromised” category and are understandably concerned about making deliveries. If you would like to volunteer to make deliveries in their place or make daily wellness checks via phone, please email us at [email protected] or call 712-336-4444.



The world has become just a little colder, just a little more impersonal, just a little harder to navigate. Dickinson County is known for its friendliness, and we have earned that distinction. But we don’t know our neighbors the way we did in earlier times. We may not know the need that makes life harder in the home just up the road. We may think there’s no help for what we’re going through.

One thing has mended the growing divisions for almost 50 years – volunteering. Voluntary Action Center has been here to make the connections happen. Beyond mending former connections, we work hard to create new ones that work for this century. This website is one tool we’ve created.

When you bring a hot meal with a smile and friendly word to an elder or person with disabilities who is lonely and has trouble preparing meals at home, you’ve made a connection. When you read to children at school, those children have another adult to look up to and trust – you’ve made a connection. When you become a mentor through Kinship, grow food for people in need in the community garden, help an elder with yard work, clean up our beaches, or teach a skill – you make our community more connected, alive, and flush with the best kind of wealth.

Voluntary Action Center makes it possible for you to plug in to all the good happening in our community. Let’s do this!


Provider of Meals on Wheels for Spirit Lake, Okoboji, Arnolds Park, Milford, Wahpeton, and West Okoboji.



Please click on the link below to view a printable guide that contains a variety of resources for residents of Dickinson County. Those resources include Financial Assistance, Food Assistance, Legal Services, Senior Services, Children’s Services, and many more. Please also don’t hesitate to contact Dickinson County Community Services at 712-336-0775 for questions that are not answered in this guide.